Le Monde Prosecco Spumante NV


£16.95 per bottle

ABV 11.5%

With a varied geography, many different micro-climates and a vast array of grape varieties and viticultural traditions, it is not surprising that Italy can offer a full range of sparkling wine in all styles and quality. The Spumante wines of Piedmont, centred around the town of Asti, are the best known; These are usually medium dry and sweet sparkling wines made by the tank method from Moscato grapes. The drier Prosecco Spumante is produced in the Veneto region from Glera grapes using the same tank or transfer method. Rose sparkling is made from Raboso grapes. The cooler Alpine regions are the source of Italy`s finer method traditional sparkling wines, often including blends of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir. Tank fermented sparkling wines are produced in many other of Italy`s warmer regions.

Le Monde is a historical winery founded in 1970 in the sleepy village of the same name. With its 45 hectares of vineyards, it represents one of the reference producers in the territory known as Grave del Friuli. It was taken over in 2008 by the Maccan family, and the winery was subsequently entrusted to the management of the young and enthusiastic Alex, who restored the 18th century historical villa and designed the image of the new vinification cellar and winery. Today Le Monde can be considered a new generation winery not only from a technological point of view but also with regards to its innovative way of interpreting wine, where tradition finds the right combination with modernity and design elegance. The wines are highly rated, achieving the top rating in the Italian wine bible ‘Gambero Rosso’.Vignetti Le Monde is considered a `cru` since, unlike the other areas falling under the registered DO, it is characterised by calcerous clay soils which adds to the richness and longevity of the wine.

Tasting Notes
Prosecco is the fashionable dry sparkling wine produced from Glera (formerly known as Prosecco) grapes grown in the Friuli region. It is a pale and delicate wine with fine mousse and persistent fine bubbles. The bouquet is very fresh and fruity. On the palate, the lively mousse is balanced by tropical fruit flavours and hints of flowers and green apple leading to a light and fresh finish.

Perfect as an aperitif or serve with hors d`ouvres and light risotto`s.

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