In Bond and En Primeur

In Bond and En Primeur orders

What does ‘in bond’ or ‘under bond’ mean? 
This refers to wine that is bought without paying the UK Duty levied by Customs and Excise. This wine can be bought, sold and delivered to other Government bonded warehouses but not delivered to a private address until the VAT and Duty have been paid.

What is the definition of en primeur? 
En Primeur wines are purchased before they are bottled and released onto the market and while they are still lying abroad. En Primeur wines are bought at In Bond prices - exclusive of Duty & Vat. On arrival in the UK the wines will be stored, under bond, on your behalf at London City Bond.

How do I request delivery of my ‘in bond’ wines?
Duty, VAT and delivery will need to be paid to have the wines delivered to your private address. 

Storage and insurance charges
£15.00 +VAT per case per annum

What are the Duty, VAT and delivery charges?

Change in Alcohol Duty on Wines (75 cl) from 1st August 2023
Still wine 11.5% to 14.5%  + £0.44 = £2.67
Still wine 15.0% + £0.98 = £3.21
Sparkling wine 11.5% to 14.5%  - £0.19 = £2.67
Sparkling wine 11%  - £0.51
Fortified 17.5% = + £0.77

Duty prior to 1st August 2023:

£2.23 per 75cl bottle still wine

£2.86 per 75cl bottle of Sparkling wine

£2.98 per 75cl port or fortified wine

Deliver to a private address for ‘in bond’ or ‘en primeur’ wines is £15+VAT per case

Example calculation

Chateau Lafite Rothschild 2009 12x75cl in bond delivered to private address

Wine price in bond- £7300

Duty – 12 x 2.23- £26.76

Delivery £15+VAT per case

(Wine price £ +Duty + Delivery) x VAT = Total cost £

(£7,300 + £26.76 +15) x 1.2 = £8,810.11

We do not accept any discount codes on en primeur, in bond or under bond wines.