Krug 2011, Champagne - Gift Case



ABV 12.5%

Krug 2011 embodies this philosophy and dream. For Krug, the year 2011 gave birth to a surprising champagne allying finesse and power with a spontaneous, vibrant side born from this fiery year. Krug 2011 is ample, generous, and assertive. Krug 2011 is so opulent yet crisp, the House’s Tasting Committee defined this champagne “Spirited Roundness”.

Krug 2011 has a distinctive character and imposing presence, testaments to the vibrant and contrasted year from which it was born. The pinot noir wines of the year exhibited magnificent balance and beautiful structure, while the meuniers retained wonderful freshness and elegant bitters, and the chardonnays - most affected by the heat spikes - were juicier and riper than other years, with exemplary roundness and generosity rather than their usual tension. In the tasting room, it was clear the climate had a striking impact on the wines, affecting the fruit as if to ‘cook’ them with the heat, while the sugar content remained moderate. Surprisingly, the most distinctive performers were plots one would not expect.
Julie Cavil
Cellar Master, House of Krug

The year 2011 for Krug was split in two, with reversed seasons and an abrupt switch upon flowering. Unbridled summer weather arrived in spring, spurring the vines to develop rapidly and flowering to occur mid-May, three weeks earlier than usual. Rainfall and cool weather ensued. The paradoxical climate reached peak unpredictability on the eve of harvest with four scorching days followed by intense rain and a sudden drop in temperature. Harvest took place from 25th August to 3rd September 2011 with homogeneity in grape maturation and the Clos d’Ambonnay unexpectedly being harvested the day before the Clos du Mesnil. To tell the story of 2011, Pinot Noir plots’ (46%) impart beautiful structure and magnificent balance, while Chardonnay plots’ wines (37%), most affected by the heat spikes, imbue ripe and juicy fruit aromas, and Meuniers (17%) add a wonderful freshness with elegant bitters.

The striking profile of Krug 2011 comes after 12 years in the cellars, gaining in expression, harmony, and finesse. On the nose, Krug 2011 expresses refreshing summer apricots and white fruits, which give way to tangy star fruit and fresh citrus followed by mentholated, liquorice nuances with a touch of basil leaf. On the palate, it is opulent with power, roundness, and notes of fruit seemingly “cooked” by the heat of the year stewed, caramelised, dried fruits, and jam. Marzipan, barley sugar, praline, honey and hazelnut take hold with hints of smokiness, thyme and rosemary. Almost by surprise, the chiselled, lively finish lingers with mouth-watering notes of blood orange, sea salt and grapefruit zest. The music of the year 2011 performed by the small ensemble is generous yet assertive. A surprising alliance of finesse and power, the dynamic tempo of an Allegro Vivace. As all Krug champagnes, Krug 2011 will continue to gain with the passage of time.

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