El Zafiro Tempranillo Shiraz 2017


£9.95 per bottle


Tasting Notes
From the high Sierras of southwestern Spain this inspired blend combines the cherry and strawberry fruit character of the local Tempranillo with the spice and structure of Shiraz. Fresh and focussed young fruit lends vigour to a mid weight palate that is supple and balanced.

A versatile and easy drinking red that can accompany a wide variety of cold meats, pates, rice or pasta dishes and cheeses.

Extremadura is an autonomous community of western Spain with a capital city of Merida. It is bordered by Portugal to the west with a northern border with Castilla y Leon. The climate is mostly Mediterranean characterised by very hot and dry summers and long and mild winters. The region is as much known for grape growing as it is for Iberian ham production with Wild Black Iberian pigs being allowed to roam freely consuming their diet of acorns which gives fantastic flavour to their meat. A number of grapes are grown there including Mazuelo, Tempranillo, Borba and Sauvignon Blanc. Because of the climate, vines struggle to survive and as a result produce small, concentrated grapes with rich, intense flavours and exceptional structure.

Vinaoliva is a second tier cooperative that was founded in 1998. It is made up of 25 first tier cooperatives which consist of 15 wineries, 9 olive mills and 12 table olive processing plants. Vinaoliva has 38000 hectares of vineyards and has its own state-of-the-art experimental winery where the El Zafiro wines are blended by the Fine Wine Direct buyers each year.


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