Domaine de Cabrials Pinot Noir 2020


ABV 12.5%

Pinot Noir is the classic red grape of Burgundy and is often considered the most elegant and finest red variety. Top red burgundy is very expensive so many other areas look to make Pinot Noir – not all are successful. Domaine de Cabrials have achieved a great result in the Languedoc, with this wine showing bright red fruits, floral notes, spice and elegant tannins allied with a rich fruity body. - Andy Howard MW

About the Wine
Pinot Noir is not a grape variety that should ever be full-bodied, dark coloured or excessively oaky. This is a thin-skinned variety that is most at home in the hills around the town of Beaune in Burgundy.

However, its great reputation means that winemakers around the world seek to emulate the refined, elegant wine style that is great red burgundy. The Languedoc is often considered too warm to make good Pinot Noir but at Domaine de Cabrials they have managed to achieve a fine balance between bright, sweet, red fruits, allied with crisp acidity and the fine, elegant tannins that distinguish the better examples of Pinot Noir.

Larger oak casks have added some extra subtlety to the soft, red fruit dominated palate, whilst retaining a lighter 12.5% alcohol.

Food pairing
Pinot Noir is a wonderful accompaniment to most foods, whether they are meat, vegetable or even fish orientated. The fine tannins, bright acidity and lack of dominant oak makes this a great match with most things.

Also remember to try this wine with some rich and creamy cheeses such as Epoisses, Brie and many different Chèvre’s.

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