Château Bauduc Sauvignon Blanc 2021/2023

Save 25%



ABV 13%

£14.95 per bottle

The new 2021 Sauvignon Blanc from Chateau Bauduc has arrived, without doubt one of the best value Bordeaux white wines and was a star buy in The Telegraph, The Times and The Sunday Times last year.

The house wine at Gordon Ramsay's three Michelin star restaurant in London and at Rick Stein's.

This delicious, crisp Sauvignon Blanc is listed at Stein's Seafood Restaurant in Cornwall and is the prestige house white at Hotel du Vin across the UK. A brilliantly versatile wine at just £12.50 a bottle.


Previous Vintages:
“This scrumptious Sauvignon is packed with refined nettle and lemon grass zing”
Jane MacQuitty’s Best Buys in The Times,13 January 2018.

“A crisp, unoaked white. Unlike the wines of Marlborough, Bordeaux sauvignon blanc has gentlemanly understatement. Think unripe nectarines.”
Victoria Moore's 60 Best Wines for Christmas in The Telegraph in ‘Whites over £10'.

The classic unoaked Bordeaux white. Always difficult to suggest bottles from people that you know well, but the British Quinney family has lived in the Créon region of Entre deux Mers since 1999, and make a fresh, understated and extremely juicy white wine that matches well with food."

“This is a classic Sauvignon Blanc that has been the house wine for the Hotel du Vin, Gordon Ramsay and Rick Stein for many years."

“Gavin and Angela Quinney have created a very slick and successful operation at Château Bauduc outside Bordeaux - it says something that they supply the house wines for Rick Stein and Gordon Ramsay. The Château Bauduc blanc 2016 is 100% Sauvignon and made in the modern style, with attractive grassiness on the nose and enjoyable texture on the palate - it’s fresh but not thin.”
Harry Eyres, ’What to drink’ in Country Life, 17 May 2017 issue

“Chateau Bauduc Sauvignon Blanc 2016. 12%. £11.
Englishman Gavin Quinney makes this sauvignon blanc at his estate 15 miles from Bordeaux and it's lovely - no wonder it's been the house white at Rick Stein's for years. Bright but gentle, crisp and modern but not pithy, just fresh with a lemon, elderflower and yellow nectarine taste. Class act.”

When we wrote to say thanks, Victoria replied:
“It is the most perfect wine. I feel like a specialist in £10 wines as I taste so many of them, and it hits exactly the beautiful spot. I love love loved it. And say any of that if you want.” Oh, alright then.
Victoria Moore, Telegraph 'Wines of the Week', August 2017.

“The nose pole-vaults out of the glass and embraces you with its citrus generosity. The palate is zesty, taut and refreshing with more depth than you might expect allowing you to shovel down some hastily prepared canapés to reward this delicious drink. Bauduc Blanc is the Holy Grail for those of you who can’t get the pot pourri and fruit salad notes out of your olfactory system left behind by chemistry set, bulk-bottles Sauvignon. It is classy, elegant, nerve-tingling and, dare I say it, what we should all taste to remind us what Sauvignon Blanc should be like!”
Matthew Jukes, The Week and Money Week

“A thoroughly fine dry white Bordeaux… it would make a lovely wine at the table. Excellent value.”
Jancis Robinson MW,

and one of our favourites:
“Without a shadow of a doubt, the best value white we have had all year is Château Bauduc, a crisp, white Bordeaux that we scoffed merrily both as an aperitif and with food. Apparently, it is the house white in Gordon Ramsay’s three-star restaurants, whoever he is.”
Pat Leahy, The Sunday Business Post (Ireland)

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