Carte Noire Rosé, Cotes de Provence, Les Maitres Vignerons de Saint-Tropez

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ABV 13.0%

Les Maitres Vignerons de Saint-Tropez
This small collective of winemakers was set up in 1964 as an umbrella group to attempt to harness the power of economies of scale for their members. Currently, the group is made up of 10 vineyards, who each vinify their grapes in their own respective cellars, before coming together to blend their wines and produce the best wine they can from each vintage. In this way, all wine-related activity is managed by the winemakers themselves, leaving the Maîtres Vignerons office to oversee the distribution and sales. This concept allows the winemakers to focus solely on the quality of the finished wines without having to worry about any commercial aspects – a great relief in a region increasingly dominated by major players.

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