Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru 2018, Domaine Gagnard-Delagrange

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This domaine is now in the hands of Marie-Josèphe (daughter of Edmond Delagrange) and her grandson Marc- Antonin, after Jacques passed away in 2009. Jacques' legacy continues however and the quality at this very traditional domaine has not changed and the wines continue to impress. The wines are complex, intense, refined and long-lived. From their 3 hectares of vineyards the domaine bottles according to biodynamic practices. Needless to say, recent years of climatic turmoil in various parts of Burgundy has called for a flexible approach from discerning winemakers, and this winery is no exception. For example, in order to combat over-richness in warmer vintages, Marc-Antonin may well cut out lees stirring in the winery to produce a set of very pure wines. This is traditional Burgundy at its very best and the wines produced here represent quite amazing value.

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