Barolo DOCG Paesi Tuoi 2018 Magnums

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ABV 14%

Tasting Notes
This elegant and well balanced Barolo is made with blending wines from a number of the estate vineyards. Paesi Tuoi meaing `Your Country`s` is a fantastic example of what the noble Nebbiolo can produce in the right hands. Aged in large, old oak for 2 years, the wine is packed with aromas of dried herbs, coffee, dark cherry & liquorice. The mouth is full bodied with fine, grippy tannins. Still very youthful, so packed with sour cherry, blackcurrant and sweet spice. This is a wine with huge ageing potential, that will become more complex as it does.

Seared steak or strong cheeses.

The unique low alpine region of Piedmont (or Piemonte), which means `at the foot of the mountains`, is located in northwest Italy around the city of Turin. The region includes the small and prestige hillside wine towns of Barolo, Barbaresco, Asti and Gavi, where a diverse variety of wine styles originate. Some of Italy`s most revered and expensive red wines come from the Nebbiolo grape, grown alongside Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato and Cortese.

Vite Colte is made up of people who strongly believe in a shared concept of quality, where the responsibility of individuals is an integral part of the broader final result. Winegrowers, partners, friends. the members of ViteColte and their families are the cornerstones of a modern winery that demands expertise, dedication, and commitment to the very high standards of Piedmont traditions. Every winegrower is remunerated on the basis of the size of the vineyard and not the quantity of product, in order to obtain the highest level of quality.

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