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Matthew Jukes 20+/20 - Garrus 2019 Rosé, 2019 Château d’Esclans, Provence, France

"Garrus is always awesome and, every so often, it is completely unpredictable.  The 2019s from Château d’Esclans are sublime and Garrus ought to be the most obviously masculine and imposing in the portfolio but, strangely, I felt that the perfume and the initial attack was positively gentle and come-hither in its composure and allure.  So, I did what any right-minded person would do and relaxed into another sip.  I then realised that I had been tricked!  Garrus is as structured and proud as ever and yet it is sporting a kindly disguise to lull you into a false sense of security.  Many will drink this wine too early, fooled by the glossiness and initial enchantment on offer.  But they will soon realise that this wine’s finish is firm and unyielding, pointing to a long and graceful life – as long as you have the patience.  This is a sensational vintage for Garrus and I rate it as highly as the epic 2015 and that means that this is a perfect 20/20 in my notes.  Nothing comes close in 2019 (apart from its sibling, Les Clans) and I have tasted hundreds of bottles.  The difference between this wine and the 2015 is that the ’15 was very obviously statuesque with amazing flanks and bold musculature.  By contrast, this 2019 is subtle, brooding, complex and intricately perfumed.  The nose is cool and soothing and the palate is a veritable iceberg of power and equilibrium and while we can only sense the scale of grandeur of this wine, the signposts on the surface are already devastatingly attractive.  You simply must buy and keep this wine for at least twelve months before you pop a cork!"  

20+/20 Drink 2021 – 2027 28/10/2020

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