Rueda Blanco Organic 2021/2022, Marqués de Riscal


ABV 13.5%

Made from 100% Verdejo grapes from our own Rueda vineyards where we have been applying organic viticulture methods since 2010. These vines are an average 25 to 30 years’ old and are planted in the typical high, gravelly-soil terraces close to the River Duero. Thanks to the low relative humidity of this continental climate and the sandy soil which allow the water to drain away well, the risk of fungal diseases is very low and this allows us to manage pests easily, using natural contact treatments such as sulphur powder and copper sulphate. Sexual confusion methods are used to control insect pests such as grape moth and thus it is not necessary to use insecticides. Weeds are controlled using different soil-tilling methods which avoid the need to use soil-contaminating herbicides. Thus, the biological richness of the microorganisms in the soil is preserved with the addition of only natural organic matter made from sheep manure. The wines ferment with the natural yeasts present in the grape-juice and only the natural mineral fining agent, bentonite, is used to achieve protein stabilisation in white wines. These, more delicate, wines have a faster evolution in the bottle and it is quite common o find, with the passing of time, a certain evolution of the original green-tinged colour towards more yellow and golden hues.

Food matches
This wine pairs well with fish, shellfish, ham, pasta dishes, chicken and coldmeat.

Tasting Notes
Greenish, straw-yellow colour. On the nose it reveals its intense varietal character with the classic aniseed and fennel aromas of the verdejo grape. A fresh attack with good backbone and length, as well as a certain mineral character which clearly reflects the Rueda terroir.

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