Picpoul de Pinet `Trois Mats` 2019/2020


£12.95 per bottle

ABV 13.5%

Tasting Notes
A bright, fresh Languedoc white from the coastal flatlands of Sete which abounds with fragrant aromas of white flowers, quince and anis followed by ginger and citrus notes. It is lively on the palate with notes of lemon, melon and honey finishing crisp and dry with matured crystallised citrus fruits.

An excellent accompaniment to cold salads and seafood including `fruits de mer`, Mediterranean fish soup, grilled red mullet or bream, and shellfish.

The Languedoc is a vast region stretching across much of the south and Mediterranean and is France`s single largest vineyard entity for its Vins de Pays wines. Within the Languedoc lie several distinctly identified Vins de Pays (including the l`Aude, Gard and Hérault) and many generic appellations that maintain traditional local blends and wine styles such as Minervois, Corbières, Pic Saint Loup and Fitou.

Picpoul de Pinet is a wine produced in a small region behind the sand dunes of Sete on the Mediterranean coast. Ungrafted Piquepoul vines planted on chalky soils are kept cool and humid by the sea breeze. Much of the region`s wines have traditionally been sold in bulk to brokers and negociants although now the surge in popularity creates an important shift in demand for locally sourced wines. The Cave in Pomerols is one of only four significant producers of Picpoul de Pinet alongside 20 or so tiny domaines. Hidden behind a neglected concrete facade of the old winery lies an immaculate modern facility; a €12m investment in small scale steel fermentation vats, temperature and computer controlled systems. This progressive winery manages a variety of domaines and styles, the `Trois Mats` is overseen by a New Zealand consultant winemaker. 

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