Vouvray Ch. de Gaudrelle 2016


ABV 13%

Touraine, as a region, includes the spectrum of wines from fresh, well defined varietal Sauvignon Blanc, Gamay and Malbec to Vouvray. It offers dry, sweet and sparkling white wines made from Chenin Blanc and the regions of Chinon and Bourgueil for red and rosé. The red wines of Touraine are largely produced from Cabernet Franc. Recent warm vintages and improved viticultural practices have resulted in many surprisingly concentrated yet supple red wines.

Chateau Gaudrelle is one of the more progressive estates in Vouvray, located to the northeast of the town of Tours. After studying oenology at Beaune, Alexandre Monmousseau took over the family vineyards of the 17th century Chateau Gaudrelle. He produces stunning estate Vouvray that puts emphasis on the mineral quality imparted by limestone and flint soils.

Tasting Notes
Vouvray, located to the northeast of the town of Tours, produces the Loire Valley`s best-known Chenin Blanc wines and Alexandre Monmousseau`s Chateau Gaudrelle offers pure, complex wines considered among the finest of the appellation. This off-dry Vouvray is made by `Sec Tendre` retaining just enough residual sugar to balance the high natural acidity of the Chenin. The crisp, natural lemony acidity is perfectly balanced by fresh pear and apple flavours leaving a long ripe finish.

The touch of sweetness and lemon acidity make this ideal with stir-fry, grilled vegetables, mushroom risotto or creamy seafood dishes.

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