Marqués Finca Montico


ABV 13%

This wine, made 100% from grapes of the Verdejo bush vines, comes from an old estate vineyard located in the Montico region of Rueda (vineyards over 40 years). This is a typical poor, stony, gritty-soiled terroir which is ideal for producing the highest quality Rueda Verdejo varietal wines. Yield is very low, with only around 5,000 kilos per hectare. Harvesting is hand picked into small crates with a capacity of 15 kilos. When the grapes reach the winery, they are chilled and gently pressed without crushing or removing stems. This kind of whole bunch pressing reduces oxidation of the must to a minimum and helps to keep all the aromatic intensity intact. In this way it is possible to obtain free run juice in very small quantities but of an extremely high quality. Next the must is run off or lightly decanted and passes into the fermentation tanks. Fermentation then takes place with the presence of only indigenous yeast strains. This peculiarity gives the wine greater aromatic personality and an original character. After fermentation is complete and a first racking, the wine remains in contact with its fine lees for at least four months. These lees, or remains of inert yeast, are stirred at least once oer week so as to remain in suspension. Over a period of tine the lees

give off a series of compounds which increase the body, smoothness and complexity of the wine and improve its aromatic stability during the time spent in the bottle. These are white wines which, while not fermented in the barrel, remain fresh and youthful for a longer time.

Tasting Notes
Greenish-yellow colour. The nose has a marked Verdejo varietal aroma with medium intensity and hints of fennel, herbs, white blossom, pear and peach. It has a fresh, unctuous, very smooth mouth-feel, with a long, round finish. Its good acidity together with a period of ageing on its finest lees helps to keep its fresh taste longer and preserves all its aromatic complexity. This wine does not aim to impress with a powerful nose, but rather reveals a more elegant, complex varietal character. These are wines which can still be enjoyed even 24-30 months after the harvest.

Grape Variety
Verdejo 100%

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