Familia Schroeder Alpataco Malbec


ABV 13.5%

Patagonia is the most southerly wine producing region of Latin America, lying to the south of Mendoza and las Pampas. With considerable new investment, Argentinian Patagonia is fast emerging as the country`s most exciting cool climate vineyard, making elegant wines with balance and complexity in contrast to the more masculine reds of Mendoza. The region includes two important wine producing provinces, Neuquen to the west, at over 300m altitude beneath the Andes mountains, and the Rio Negro, which follows the long valley of the same name towards the Atlantic Ocean. These are semi arid, alluvial desert vineyards which benefit from constant sun and breezes that help mitigate disease. The vines are able to produce cool climate varieties including Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc with good aroma and concentration as well as perfect levels of acidity.

These lands are magical - they hide astonishing mysteries! When construction began to build the winery a dinosaur was unearthed and in tribute to this 75million year giant, the name Saurus was given in tribute! Alpataco is a tyre puncturing shrub commonly found in the Monte Desert, which lies southeast of the Atacama Desert in Chile, north of the larger Patagonian Desert, and east of the Andes. Located at 39’ Latitude South in San Patricio del Chanar near Neuquen the Schroeder vineyards are planted on gravelly soils and combined with warm days and cool nights provide near perfect conditions for grape cultivation. This is a distinguished range of wines with intense aromas and elegant tannins, well structured and with the best characteristics of each vintage.

Tasting Notes
Very intense purplish red in colour. Complex on the nose with a combination of red fruits such as cherries and a hint of violets. The palate is smooth with a velvety mouth feel, this is a fresh and fruity wine that carries blackcurrant, black cherry, plum and violet. The mid-palate has delicious notes of vanilla and chocolate notes from ageing in small oak barrels. A full bodied wine with excellent structure held together by firm and grippy tannins with a long chocolatey finish.

Fantastic with barbecued meats, rabbit casserole or chicken wrapped in prosciutto.

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