Badachro Gin

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ABV 42.2%

Tasting Notes
Badachro Gin combines traditional gin botanicals with local gorse blossom, wild myrtle, rose-hip petals and elderflower. The gin is extremely smooth with myrtle and juniper dominant at first before a hint of liquorice combines with coriander which then gives way to a fresh, slightly sweet lavender & light citrus finish

The perfect serve
Enjoy as a sipping gin served over ice or make a classic gin & tonic using a premium tonic water, lots of ice and a slice of lime. If available, a sprig of wild myrtle tops it off amazingly well.

Badachro Gin is an extremely smooth gin that is distilled using traditional juniper and local botanicals. The gin is distilled in Delilah, a trusty old copper still hand beaten in Portugal.

Badachro Gin was borne to reflect the magical and consuming place that is Badachro. During the spring and summer months the pure air is filled with the soft, sweet scent of yellow gorse blossom and, after the rains, the inescapable aroma of wild myrtle fills the air.
Each bottle is individually numbered including the batch and bottle number.

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